About Visions . . . 

      We have a VISION to bring the world renowned RUSH concert to the masses.  Since the announcement that Rush has officially retired from the touring scene, their diehard fans the world over, are in need of their fix of live Rush music.  While many tributes find it necessary to get the “look” of the band just right with wigs and other attire, Visions believes that the music is #1.  The common Rush Head is very skeptical of anyone attempting to reproduce Rush music with any proficiency, not to mention very quick to point out ANY mistakes.  With this in mind, and being die hard Rush fans ourselves, the choice to make sure every nuance of a song, from samples to vocal harmonies to analog keyboards, is the priority.


     The stage production is also very important to us.  Visions encapsulates the traditional Rush concert, with perfectly timed lighting sequences, full color lasers, fog, and video feeds.  With help from personal friends in the stage lighting industry who have actually toured with Rush, the design and production are second only to Rush themselves.  Visions goes the extra mile in visuals, with a replica steampunk keyboard stand and backline circa the Time Machine Tour, that fans love.


     A Visions show is a state of the art experience that should be seen by Rush fans worldwide.  It is our dream, and our mission, to do just that.


“ … this 3 piece incarnation emulated all the raw energy

      and virtuosity that was the best of Rush as a live band.

      See this band … “

                  Sal Gomez - California Rock News

" A spirit with a vision, is a dream, with a mission..."

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