Tom Sawyer  9/9/16 

The Longshadow Ranch Winery in Temecula, CA

Snippet of Red Barchetta  11/9/13 The Yost Theater

An incomplete video of Red Barchetta, but Art Bromage's tone is incredible

Intro Video for Conquer Chiari Benefit Concert 11/9/13 The Yost Theater

Intro video from 11/9/13 The Yost Theater Concert.

Video faded out and into Dreamline for the first song of the show.

Intro Video for Visions Video Shoot 6/27/15 Sound Matrix Studios

The Trees / Xanadu

Recorded on 9/16/17 at The Cave In Big Bear, CA

Recorded on 6/27/15 at Sound Matrix Studios in front of a Live audience

Visions Promotional Interview Video

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